Design Services

We support our Clients throughout the entire investment lifecycle. We provide advice not only during the planning phase but also in adapting investments to current standards and regulations. Our objectives include cost optimization, implementing the best solutions, and raising standards.

We design buildings optimally, considering not only construction costs but also (at the Investor’s request) the costs of ongoing facility maintenance. Our projects are carried out in accordance with the international LEED sustainable design standard. As a result, your investments gain a socially responsible image, reduced maintenance costs, and the highest indoor environmental quality. Building users can function comfortably and safely in such spaces.

As part of our design services,
you can rely on:

  • Conceptual/Basic Design
  • Construction Design
  • Executive Design
  • Tender documentation
  • Author’s Supervision
  • Technical opinions and expertise
  • Obtaining permits and decisions such as:
    • Environmental Conditions
    • Water-law permit
    • Conditions for connection


We design energy-efficient and environmentally friendly facilities that prioritize the well-being of occupants while enhancing the productivity of workers. Social responsibility is at the core of our activities, encompassing the design and implementation of projects, as well as technical consultancy for both private and public sectors. Our objective is to minimize the negative impact of investments on the natural environment, from the construction phase to its eventual decommissioning.

Stages of Designing

  • At this stage, we analyze the needs and requirements of the Investor, create preliminary sketches and concepts, and consider various possible solutions to the given problem.
  • Our goal is to determine the main design assumptions and establish the vision for the project’s implementation.
  • We utilize 3D modeling for land development planning and cost analysis.
  • Additionally, we prepare concept visualizations during this phase.
Construction Design
  • We meticulously develop the project documentation necessary to obtain a building permit, considering all technical, functional, and aesthetic aspects.
  • Our designers prepare detailed technical drawings, material specifications, structural and installation analyses, and other documents required for the execution of the construction project and obtaining the building permit.
  • Through interdisciplinary collaboration, potential clashes can be resolved during the design phase.
Tender Design
  • The tender design phase occurs after the approval of the construction design. During this stage, the necessary documentation is prepared for conducting a tender to select a contractor.
  • The documentation we prepare includes detailed technical specifications, contractual conditions, and other information required for potential contractors to submit their offers.
  • At this stage, during tender meetings, we utilize the developed 3D model to present the scope of work.
Execution Design
  • During the execution design phase, all elements and details necessary for project realization are precisely defined.
  • Designers create drawings, specifications, and instructions concerning the execution of individual tasks. The aim is to provide the contractor with all the essential information needed to carry out the investment according to the project’s assumptions.
  • We conduct coordination meetings utilizing 3D models during this stage.
As-Built Documentation
  • After the construction is completed and the facility is ready for use, we prepare comprehensive as-built documentation.
  • We develop a BIM as-built model that includes data assigned to elements of the 3D model collected during the construction process, as well as information essential for managing the completed structure.
  • Through laser scanning, we can compare the completed work with the as-built documentation, ensuring accuracy and precision.

BIM Methodology

At GBPBP PROJPRZEM S.A., we utilize the BIM methodology for design and project coordination. This approach ensures that collaboration with us is clear, transparent, and any potential complications can be eliminated during the project phase.

The BIM (Building Information Modeling) method is a comprehensive approach to design that utilizes three-dimensional building models to integrate the design, construction, and operational processes into a single system. With BIM, we can:

  • Integrate various design activities,
  • Efficiently coordinate the work of multiple specialists,
  • Avoid numerous design conflicts.

Full Work Optimization and High Efficiency

Thanks to the BIM methodology, we test various design scenarios, allowing us to work quickly and efficiently while delivering services at the highest level. Simulations and visualizations support the creation of project documentation, reducing construction time and potential costs that could arise from delays and design changes. However, these are not the only benefits.

Working with 3D models as part of the BIM methodology allows for:

  • Collaborative work of all disciplines on the project.
  • Creating a multidisciplinary model that translates into delivering a high-quality product.
  • Automation using dedicated scripts to expedite the process of preparing documentation and implementing changes.
  • Real-time resolution of issues and design clashes.
  • Tailoring the BIM implementation scheme to the specific company and its needs, providing a personalized approach to each Client’s requirements.

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