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Taking Care of Your Project

Knowledge, experience, and tradition are the three pillars upon which we have built Gliwickie Biuro Projektów Budownictwa Przemysłowego PROJPRZEM S.A. Our qualified engineering team, rich experience, many years in the market, and a broad team of specialists are our strengths.

We serve clients from various industries on a daily basis, delivering services and projects at the highest level. For each project, we create a personalized project team to take the best care of our Clients.

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Continuous, Sustainable Development

We regularly enhance our skills and competencies while strengthening our technological infrastructure to deliver modern, innovative solutions to our Clients and adapt our offerings to the changing world. We follow a policy of sustainable development, caring for:

  • Economic responsibility towards shareholders and stakeholders,
  • Social responsibility towards our employees and their families,
  • Environmental responsibility,
  • Responsibility towards future generations.

Readiness for Challenges

Being open to development, selecting the right people, embracing challenges, and having our own technological infrastructure allows us to meet any project with the highest standards.

Philosophy of Operation

With 75 years of experience, modern technical solutions, and efficient management, our company is built on solid foundations. We value our work and each other, which is why we consistently create a friendly work environment for our employees.

Number 1 in terms of:

  • innovation,
  • engineering thinking,
  • quality and comprehensive customer service,
  • active development of employee competencies.

Our goals:

  • sustained and sustainable growth of the company’s value,
  • implementation of innovations in the design and project management processes,
  • leadership position in the design industry within the country,
  • international cooperation in Europe,
  • stable working conditions and employee development,
  • high standard of company infrastructure and working environment.

Management Board


Artur Szymański


Since 1995, he has been associated with the construction industry in Poland. He has held advisory and managerial positions in service, manufacturing, and trading companies. He has been associated with GBPBP PROJPRZEM S.A. since 2005.

Supervisory Board

Beata Grynkiewicz-Bylina

Chairperson of the Supervisory Board

Michał Dzierżęga

Vice Chairperson of the Supervisory Board

Halina Waller

Secretary of the Supervisory Board

Elżbieta Markowicz

Member of the Supervisory Board

Jan Gluch

Member of the Supervisory Board

Our Team

The synergy of engineering knowledge within our team combined with a keen business sense is the value that creates our competitive edge in the market. The numerous projects we have been involved in are a testament to our knowledge, experience, and deep understanding of our clients’ needs. During our work, we prioritize functionality and cost efficiency, resulting in projects that impress with their execution and attention to every detail. The multi-disciplinary team at GBPBP PROJPRZEM S.A. consists of exceptional engineers and specialists in their fields. We have repeatedly demonstrated that a local company can successfully meet global requirements, positioning us as a leader in the industry.

  • We employ over 100 specialists with expertise and experience in various fields such as architecture, construction, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, roads, and technology.
  • Each project is overseen by experienced Project Managers—professionals with years of experience in project management gained both in Poland and abroad.

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